WestJet is warning consumers that a telephone scam in which operators use the airline's name to try and solicit credit card information from unsuspecting people in southern Alberta has resurfaced.

Operators call and say the person has been selected for a promotional vacation package because they are a preferred WestJet customer. The phone operator then tries to get the person’s credit card information.


Con artists are using WestJet's name to try and scam money from people in southern Alberta. (Todd Korol/Reuters)

WestJet is warning people not to fall for the trick.

"The only time that we will phone you is if there’s a problem with your flight," said company spokesman Robert Palmer.

This is not the first time the scam has been used in Canada, and both Air Canada and WestJet have been used by the phone operators.

Palmer said the company is disappointed the scam has re-emerged.

"They are using our good name ... to essentially try to get people to give up their money," he said.