The opening of the West LRT actually means a longer commute for some Calgarians.

CBC reporter Andrew Brown went with a Coach Hill commuter on the Route 101 bus, which was cancelled with the opening of the newest addition to Calgary's C-Train system.

Brown and commuter Mark Sproule took a stopwatch with them on Sproule's last trip Friday on the bus, and the again Monday on his new route, which involves a ride on a feeder bus and then a trip on the West LRT.

On Friday, the bus took 29 minutes and 10 seconds from the moment of departure to Sproule's arrival at work. 

On Monday, Sproule spent an extra two minutes and 20 seconds on the new route, and then had to walk farther to his office on 9th Avenue S.W, for a total of seven extra minutes.

The roundtrip commute took an extra 30 minutes, he told CBC once he'd returned home Monday evening.

Sproule says he'll try the new route for a while, but may consider driving to work, rather than taking transit.

Calgary Transit says the train will be better in the long run – it's more reliable, won't get caught in traffic and runs a lot more efficiently when the roads are covered in snow and ice.