The popularity of the new West LRT is causing some problems for people trying to use the park-and-ride service.

The 69 Street S.W. Station marks the end of the line, the furthest west the C-Train travels. Weekday mornings, frustrated drivers circle the adjacent parking lot trying to find one of 850 spots, about half of which are reserved.

"It's crazy, lots of people circling," said Suzanne Haun.  "You had to be here by 6:15 a.m. to get a spot. I kind of expected that there would be a lot of people in the area who would want to park over here."


Drivers circled the packed West LRT 69th Street Station park-and-ride early Monday morning. (Kyle Bakx/CBC)

Liz Urbana spent the $70 for a reserved parking stall, but she says people are stealing those spots.

"It's not fair for us who pay, to not find our spot," Urbana said.  

Neil McKendrick, a spokesperson with Calgary Transit, said if drivers don't have a reserved spot, they're going to struggle. 

"The free spaces are gone very early, sometimes before [7 a.m.]," he said.  "Take a look at the local bus services because really that's what we would like to have people do – leave their cars at home and take the bus."

Grabbing one of the reserved spots is also challenging, since they are completely sold out at the 69th Station. Those spots  were snapped up quicker than at any other park and ride location in the city.

The Calgary Parking Authority has issued 137 tickets so far at the 69 Street Station this month.

Around 28,000 people take the West LRT every day in and out of the downtown.