Designers are celebrating after a successful show in Calgary showcased high-tech clothing that's both functional and fashionable.

The second annual Make Fashion gala took place Saturday night. For those behind the event, inspiration came from the idea that wearable technology — such as Google Glass — could be prettier.

"As these technologies become more accessible, they're going to be cheaper and they're going to be a lot more beautiful," said Chelsea Klukas, co-founder of the event. "Some of the things that we see here, we hope that we can inspire the next level of wearable to be accessible and to be beautiful."

The gala featured designers from Calgary and around the world.

The designers say wearable technology, from handbags that display the owner's Twitter feed to clothes that light up while biking, is a burgeoning industry.

Klukas says she hopes Calgary's designers can lead the way.