The Town of Cochrane, located just west of Calgary, is looking at issues around the town's bulk water supply.

Residents there have expressed concerns about large amounts of drinking water being sold off to oil and gas companies, which use it for fracking operations in the area.

Mayor Truper McBride says there is currently no policy in place and people are divided on how to proceed.

"I think there's some, of course, that don't want us to be selling water to the oil and gas industry for fracking — considering what's done to the water and how it goes into the ground," he said. "But I think that there are others who say this is industry that we should be supportive if we can."

McBride say the town wants to avoid the double standard of telling residents to conserve water while selling large amounts of it to the oil and gas industry.

"The thinking right now is, 'Should we ought to have something,' " he said. "And so there is an administrative review in place right now to look at what might that look like, is it is appropriate or does it in fact apply."