Water restored to Inglewood homes 4 months after flood hit

Four months after the flood washed out water services to a block of houses in Inglewood the water is now back on.

Residents received water through temporary hoses for months

Residents in Inglewood are glad to finally see the water reconnected after floodwaters damaged the lines in June. 2:01

Four months after the flood washed out water services to a block of houses in Inglewood the water is now back on.

Calgarians living on the 2200 block of Eighth Avenue S.E. have been without water for months. Residents have been getting their water through temporary hoses.

Water services have finally been restored to a block of Inglewood homes four months after floodwaters caused massive damage in Calgary. (CBC)

"It went in through the external outlet into the house and we had to shut off our main water valve otherwise we would have just been pumping water back into the city system," said Stan Alan, who has lived in the area for years. 

He says he is happy the water is back, but still questions the time it took. 

"Since it was so obvious, what had to be done? Why?" he asked. "It took so long to get it done, you know."

Gian-CarloCarra, the alderman for Ward 9, says four months is actually quite quick to get things done over three levels of government. 

"It's not just a question of removing the hoses and turning the water on, they had to stabilize the bank, they had to pressure test the entire line, make sure it was safe, and then after it's safe they have to flush it out because it's been sitting there for months," he said.

The plan is to have the riverbank ready to stand up to any possible flooding next spring.


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