Many areas southern and central Alberta are being advised of significant spring runoff due to melting snow over the next few days.

Spring runoff

Significant spring runoff is expected over the next few days across central and southern Alberta. (Alberta Emergency Alert)

Temperatures are expected to rise quickly across the southern half of the province and this could cause localized overland flooding as the water makes it way into streams. Stream levels will rise and this might also cause flooding.

Daytime temperatures will be well above 0 C, with some locations south of Calgary seeing temperatures in the double digits.

Areas from the Cypress Hills and the Red Deer region to just south of Calgary have the greatest plains snowpack.

Areas in the north of the province have an average snowpack and temperatures are not expected to rise high enough to cause concern.

However, the long term weather forecast is expecting northern Alberta to reach seasonal and above seasonal temperatures by early next week.

If the forecast persists, the runoff advisory could be extended to the plains areas south of Peace River and Fort McMurray.