A city plan for recycling in condos and apartments is causing some worries about what it will cost.

At a community consultation meeting today in Sunalta, some Calgarians voiced their concerns about the fees that would come with a condo recycling program.

"Recycling should be mandatory but I also believe it should be accessible," says John Nguyen, who was at the meeting to advocate for a Calgary low-income housing complex. "If it becomes a bylaw that all communities were required to have a recycling program and pay the monthly fees, I think it would become just another burden."

Right now, blue cart service for houses costs $7.40 per month.

People living in apartments and condos have to drive their recycling to a community recycling depot.

If the current program proposal stands, a similar fee would be mandatory for all condo and apartment residents — even if residents want to opt out of the program.

The city is also eyeing a bylaw that would force condo owners to comply with the program.

A report on the options for condo recycling is expected to go to city council by 2014.

The program itself wouldn't be implemented until 2017.