Voice-activated technology in cars is more distracting to drivers than talking on a cellphone, according to a new U.S. study.  

Researchers at the University of Utah tested hands-free services, including email dictation and texting while driving.  

They concluded that it required more concentration and focus than using a hand-held cell. Alberta Motor Association spokesman Don Szarko said he's not surprised by the findings.

But he said it is not the technology that is bad, it is how drivers use it.

"When are you using this technology? While you are driving down the road, when you are driving 120 kilometres per hour, or when you are pulled over?"

"We’re just misusing the technology. We have to learn to use it properly."

Szarko also said Alberta's legislation is strong enough, but the compliance rate is too low.

According to Calgary police, they’ve issued more than 10,000 tickets since Alberta’s distracted driving legislation went into effect in 2011.