A new University of Calgary study suggests pregnant women should be paying closer attention to their Vitamin D intake.

The research pointed to a significant link between low levels of the vitamin and gestational diabetes, low birth rate and other complications.

Most pregnant women take a multivitamin, but many don't have the minimum recommended intake for Vitamin D.

Researcher Dr. Fariba Aghajafari says a lot of women aren't getting what they need.

"This result is very concerning. We know that all over the world, including Canada, the Vitamin D insufficiency is common during pregnancy," she said.

Researchers reviewed 30 years of studies on the topic from all over the world, but say more research is needed in the area to confirm the link.

"This is a hot topic these days ... and I've seen lots of low levels in patients — especially my pregnant patients," said Aghajafari. 

"Our team was wondering what's happening if you have low levels? What is the effect on complication of pregnancy?"