The Odysseo horse show at Canada Olympic Park gave a group of blind and visually impaired children a chance to meet the horses Thursday.

The children were able to go behind the scenes to touch the horses and the riding equipment.

Cody Sturgeon was one of the children who got to stand in a circle while the horses thundered around them in the arena.


Kids with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind experienced Cavalia's Odysseo through touch, sound and smell. (Carla Beynon/CBC)

“Today was fun, it was cool, it was a privilege to be here I guess. They feel soft and they feel like horses, or smell like horses. It made me feel happy.”

Christine Forsyth’s daughter Grace has partial sight.

“She loves horses, she has a million horse plushies. And they're so friendly, like I think just having them close to her and some of the other children I was noticing like they don't really see very well at all and they can get the feel of the animal.”

The Cavalia group which runs Odysseo sets this event up for visually impaired children as it crosses the country.

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind says it hopes more shows that come to Calgary will consider giving the children a backstage tour.