A rally in front of city hall erupted in violence on Sunday as anti-fascist protesters clashed with members of Calgary's Street Church.

The gathering was billed as In Defence of Christianity and was to feature controversial anti-gay and anti-abortion activist Bill Whatcott. Scuffles broke out between the two groups, lasting for several minutes.

The counter-protest was organized by Calgary Anti-Fascist Action. 

At one point, several people begin to push and shove on the sidewalk in front of city hall and some kicks and punches were thrown.

The skirmish then moved onto Macleod Trail S.E., with several people fighting and kicks and more punches being thrown.

EMS treated several people at the scene for minor injuries, but no one was taken to hospital.

No arrests — yet

No arrests were made but that could change, said Det. Keith Silvester.

"Investigators will be looking into it, going over video... and if we deem that arrests are necessary, people will be arrested and charged," he said.

The Street Church group had a permit to host an event, said Silvester.

Police didn't expect the opposing group to show up as well.

There have been several clashes between rival protest groups in front of Calgary city hall in recent months, but this was the first that became violent.

In early June, members of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam protesting against M103 clashed with members of Calgary Anti-Fascist Action.

With files from Kate Adach