A piece of Western Canadian history disappeared into a cloud of dust and a pile of debris Sunday morning as a towering grain elevator in southeast Calgary was blown up.

When the Ogden Federal Elevator at 46th Avenue and 15th Street S.E. was built in 1915, it was seen as a marvel of modern engineering.



But Cargill, which owns the approximately 12-storey-tall structure, recently decided it was too costly to continue using the elevator.

About 100 people watched from hundreds of metres away as crews detonated dynamite at 8 a.m. MT, demolishing the elevator in seconds.


Gone. ((Tim Devlin/CBC))

Mitch Brown got up early and waited in the cold to witness the end of an era.

"That was pretty cool. It was a little underwhelming compared to the General Hospital explosion, but it was pretty cool," he said.

Cargill plans to sell the property once the site has been cleaned up.