The victim of an alleged assault at the Alberta Children's Hospital says he believes race played a role in the attack.

Bronson Crowchild spoke exclusively with CBC News on Wednesday.

The 25-year-old was waiting inside the front doors of the hospital after visiting his sister two years ago.

He says two security officers told him to leave — one saying they get people "like him" all the time trying to warm up inside.

Crowchild says the verbal disagreement became physical and the security officers punched him in the neck, back and torso.

Crowchild was charged with assault, but the charge was dropped shortly after.

The two security guards and a contract employee have now been charged with assault.

"If I was a Caucasian male dressed the way that I was, they would have come up to me with a little more respect ... it would have turned out in a better circumstance," Bronson told CBC News.

His mother also reacted to the circumstances on Wednesday.

"Disbelief, shock and relief.... Relief now that the truth has finally been brought into the public light ... that there will be public record on what occurred on that evening on at the Alberta Children's Hospital," Carmel Crowchild said.

A couple of weeks after the incident, Alberta Health Services apologized to Crowchild.

The three men charged with assault will appear in court later this month.