Vehicle fire in Cranston causes minor damage to house

Crews were called to the southeast Calgary community of Cranston after two vehicles caught fire on Tuesday morning.

Some roads in the southeast Calgary neighbourhood closed while crews put out blaze

Calgary fire crews extinguished a double-vehicle fire Tuesday morning 0:56

Crews were called to the southeast Calgary community of Cranston Tuesday morning after two vehicles in a driveway on Cranberry Avenue caught fire.

"There was a big ball of flames," said eyewitness Branden Bolan.

The outside of a home in Cranston in Calgary's southeast was damaged Tuesday morning in a vehicle fire. (Submitted by Branden Bolan)

"Airbags blew, tires blew up, a gas tank blew up. It set both vehicles on fire and all the siding on the house."

Firefighters arrived at the scene at 8:47 a.m. MT to find the vehicles — a van and car —  fully engulfed in flames. 

"The response was pretty quick," said Bolan. "The emergency crews were here within a couple of minutes." 

He said the fire was out in under seven minutes, but not before both vehicle fuel tanks were compromised — meaning fuel was leaking down the street.

"Obviously we don't want that in the storm sewers for environmental reasons," said district chief Bryan Loschuk.

Officials evacuated the neighbourhood to clean up the scene and seal off the storm sewers.

Cranberry Avenue between Cranberry Road and Cranberry Circle S.E was temporarily closed during the incident.

The blaze caused minor damage to the side of the house, but there were no injuries.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.