A private Calgary school tired of vandalism has teamed up with a professional graffiti artist.

Delta West Academy was hit by taggers three times this summer, but instead of fighting to keep the walls clean they've turned to a professional graffiti artist for help.

Sarah Drake, an art teacher at the school, said the students are working with David Brunning, who is also known as The Kid Belo.  


A Delta West Academy student spray paints a wall at the private school. (CBC)

"This summer we were hit pretty bad with some graffiti. It sort of got us thinking; we have this big white canvas over here, why not have him do a mural here?"

Brunning is teaching high school students his techniques and letting them incorporate their own ideas into a finished piece of art.

"A lot of what I’ve learned has just come through years of practice," he said.

Delta West Academy is a private school in northeast Calgary.