Some Albertans had their Mexican vacations cut short this week after a charter flight company ran into mechanical and staffing troubles.

Elyse MacDonald is one of the many Sunwing customers who were late leaving for their vacation to Cancun.

On Monday, they made two trips to the airport because of the posted delays — once in the morning and then at night.

"Most of the kids in this lineup were starting to lose their minds," MacDonald said. "By that point, it was a long day."

MacDonald’s flight eventually departed on Tuesday.

Sunwing says the issue began with a mechanical problem followed by a crew captain who then got sick.

The company is giving passengers $150 vouchers that can be used on a future trip, but some customers like James Simons, are not impressed.

"I just hope I get there in one piece and enjoy five days of my seven day vacation," Simons said, adding he should be reimbursed for the days he's missed from his all-inclusive vacation.

Daryl McWilliams, a vice-president with Sunwing, said he’s open to hearing from customers.

"I'm not going to get into discussing what individual passengers want," McWilliams said. "Any passenger that doesn't think that our offer is satisfactory, I presume will write a letter to us telling us so. And we'd look into it."


Many Albertans had their vacation cut short because Sunwing, a charter flight company, experienced mechanical problems and one of their crew captains became ill. (CBC)