Calgary's United Way is celebrating a record-breaking fundraising campaign in 2013 that shattered the record set the previous year.

A total of $55.7 million was raised last year, which surpassed the record previously set in 2012 by half a million dollars. Those involved in the fundraising say that success means everyone should give themselves a pat on the back.

"The United Way staff were amazing," said Rick Hanson, Calgary police chief and co-chair of the United Way's fundraising campaign.

"The campaign cabinet was great, but more importantly the citizens of this community, the people in this community, were absolutely fantastic. From every level they contributed and it just makes me really proud to be a Calgarian."

Hanson says each donation doesn't just help families in need but also goes towards helping make Calgary a better community.

On top of the $55.7 million raised in 2013, the United Way says they raised another $1 million specifically for its emergency flood fund.

In addition, the agency raised another $4 million for the All in for Youth program, which aims to cut the number of high school drop-outs in Calgary by half.