Uber has put the brakes on its plans to operate in Calgary, saying new rules passed by city hall are too onerous and expensive for its drivers.

But one Calgary musician moonlighting as an Uber driver in Edmonton says the city's annual $220 per-driver licensing fee wouldn't stop him.

In fact, after just one night of driving, he said he earned more than enough in fares to cover that fee. 

Since the beginning of February, Luke Thomson has been working as an Uber driver in Alberta's capital, where there is no annual licensing fee.

"So far, it's been working out well for me," Thomson said.

He had his biggest night yet after Saturday's Oilers' game, raking in $240 in fares.

"I don't think you can make a fortune though," he said, noting the figure doesn't account for fuel costs.

Thomson estimates he could make enough in two average Saturday nights to cover the $220 fee. 

"When it all works out, it's a decent wage. I can't see myself getting rich."

Thomson, who still regularly plays in a band in Calgary, said he'd love to see his home city reach an agreement with Uber. 

"​It's a rare opportunity for musicians to be able to just pick up work any time they can. Any time of day."