There are thousands of people living in Calgary who are eligible to vote in U.S. elections.

On Tuesday night, some of them gathered at local pubs to watch the results of presidential nomination primaries in 12 states and one territory, "Super Tuesday" in U.S. political parlance.  

Naturally, Calgary's political animals chose different watering holes, according to their political stripes.

At one pub, members of Democrats Abroad were invited to cast a ballot for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders while watching the results. 

Jenny Hunt voted for the first time and she is feeling the Bern, as they say, having cast a ballot for the senator from Vermont.

"I'm particularly impressed with his position on corruption in funding for political parties and with responsibility for the 2008 crash and those kinds of things," she said.

While she is somewhat disappointed with the results — Clinton took six of the states in play.  

Terry Caldie, a staunch Republican who watched from home, was disgusted with what has happened to his party. 

"I tell you, really frankly, if Trump runs I'm not voting. It wil be the first time in 40 years I would not have voted," he said.

In fact, Caldie says if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, he would rather see Hillary Clinton become president.