The University of Alberta says it will not be cutting staff or programs in 2014 after the province announced it will increase funding to post-secondary education.

The University of Alberta says it won't be cutting staff or programs in 2014.

As part of its 2014 Budget the Alberta government is increasing funding for post-secondary education by 1.5 per cent, after unexpected cuts last year forced the university to eliminate jobs and programs. However, not everyone agrees the increase is good enough.

"One would hope that the provincial government would at least fulfill the campaign promises they made for sustainable, predictable funding for our institutions but that's not the case," said Petros Kusmu, president of the University of Alberta's student union. "With the funding that they are providing to our institutions, that's not enough, in my opinion, to clot the hemorrhaging that's been taking place in our institution due to last year's budget cuts."

The province says the additional money will accommodate the students expected to enrol in universities and colleges in the next year.

Finance Minister Doug Horner acknowledged that no one is completely satisfied with the budget but says the province has to be careful with spending.