The Calgary Board of Education decided not to discipline Sheila Taylor for sending an inaccurate tweet. (Twitter)

A Calgary public school board trustee will not face any disciplinary action for tweeting out a link to an erroneous newspaper article about the board’s finances.

Sheila Taylor, the head of the board’s audit committee, was in trouble for tweeting about a Calgary Herald article in December. The article contained two mistakes about the board's financial decisions.

She deleted the tweet the following day.

The board made the decision Tuesday after it was forced to suspend last week's meeting following three hours of talks about Taylor.

"Consequences could have occurred from this discussion, but everything starts with a conversation," said school board chair Pat Cochrane in a statement Tuesday. "Human beings need to have discussions to work through issues. That was the purpose of the meeting."

She said they have to follow the process when these issues occur.

"We believe that it is not in the best interest of the Calgary Board of Education to take any actions arising out of this discussion," said Cochrane. "We will move on."