Calgary police have charged one man in connection with the racist graffiti urging violence against Muslims at the Tuscany LRT station and say charges are pending against a second man.

Miguel Lavergne, 30, of no fixed address faces six counts of public mischief, according to police, who said it is now up to the Crown to determine if hate-crime charges are applicable in this case.

A second suspect has also been arrested and police say six public-mischief charges are also pending against him, but he can't be named publicly until those charges are officially confirmed.

The vandalism occurred starting around 5:45 p.m. on Dec. 3, according to police, who said the suspects caused "extensive damage" to both levels of the northwest C-Train station, in addition to five vehicles parked outside.

Total damage is estimated to be greater than $20,000.

The often misspelled messages included swastikas and white-power symbols and some urged readers to "kill" Muslims and Syrians.

Tuscany LRT station

Graffiti at the Tuscany LRT station that police are investigating as a hate crime. (CBC)

Tuscany LRT station vandalism

Cars parked outside the Tuscany LRT station were also spray painted with graffiti urging violence against Muslims. (CBC)