The Tsuut'ina Nation received a truckload of computers on Tuesday to help its school system cope with increased enrolment and ever-advancing technology.

The Electronic Recycling Association delivered 225 computers, which will be distributed among three schools: Chiila Elementary School, Tsuut'ina Middle School and Tsuut'ina High School.

The computers are badly needed, said Lorianne Tenove, director of education for the Tsuut'ina Board of Education.

"Computers are really important in schools because they engage children and allow children to use meaningful software," she said. "They allow children to do basic project-based learning."

She says the schools on the reserve are "bursting at the seams," and the board is creating common learning areas so students have access to the laptops and desktops. 

"Along with high enrolment comes a need for extra resources to support curriculum and 21st-century learning," she said in a press release.