Dog owners on Tsuu T'ina Nation are urged to chain up their animals this weekend because officials will be gathering up all stray dogs starting on Saturday.

Tsuu T'ina Nation officials say many dogs are often seen wandering around in packs, which is becoming a safety concern for the community.

Band members will be working with the Animal Rescue Foundation to round up the animals.

Jane Robarts, who works with the foundation, says they have no idea how so many stray dogs are there.

"A very difficult question to answer," Robarts said. "Once they see the cars or the people they tend to disappear."

There are no plans to euthanize the dogs they find. The dogs will be given veterinary care for any health issues they have and will also be spayed and neutered.

Robarts says once given proper care, the dogs can become great pets.

"These animals offer unconditional love," she said. "And it's so easy to see that once in the right environment, their whole personality changes and they become very loving — very affectionate."

Robarts says they are looking for more foster homes for the dogs, so that all the animals will be placed with temporary families before being adopted.