TSB investigates fire on WestJet flight from Terrace to Calgary

The TSB is investigating an in-flight fire in one of the wheel wells of a WestJet Encore flight from Terrace, B.C., to Calgary on Tuesday evening.

Fire trucks called out after electrical fault detected on WestJet Encore Dash 8 Tuesday night

WestJet Encore, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WestJet, operates the Bombardier Q400, a member of the Dash 8 family. (WestJet)

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) is investigating an in-flight fire aboard a WestJet Encore flight from Terrace, B.C., to Calgary on Tuesday.

The plane was in the air when the crew received caution messages about the electrical system, but it wasn't enough to warrant an emergency landing.

It was only after the Bombardier Q-400 plane landed safely that maintenance workers noticed signs of a fire in one of the wheel wells.

"Any time we have occurrences where we do see in-flight fire, that captures our attention, and we want to collect more information to better understand it," said TSB spokesman John Lee.

Fire trucks were called on Tuesday night, but the Dash 8 — which was loaded with fuel and 35 people on board — made a safe landing.

"The aircraft landed safely after crew procedures corrected an electrical fault," said WestJet spokesperson Lauren Stewart.

"At no time was there a danger to the guests or crew," she added.

The Calgary-based airline said it would not provide further information, as the company is working with the TSB to determine the cause of the problem.


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