Trustees accepted a recommendation from administrators to hike school fees as the Calgary Public School Board began debating its budget on Tuesday night.

Board chair Sheila Taylor said it’s sad, but fees have become part of the public education system in Alberta.

“We all wish there were no fees but it's the reality that we live with,” she said.

Fees for elementary school students are set to remain at $30 next year. But fees for junior and senior high school would rise to $132 and $152 respectively.

Bussing costs will go up to $330 from kindergarten to Grade 9 and five-day noon supervision fees for elementary students will now cost $280.

Susan Ambrose, who has a child entering high school next year, said it’s frustrating that the taxes she pays aren’t enough.

“So when we add up those fees, it doesn't really feel like public school,” she said.

The board is facing a $7-million budget shortfall.

Trustees will take a final vote on the new budget on May 20.