In a place that has not elected a Liberal since 1968, Justin Trudeau got an enthusiastic welcome from bystanders in downtown Calgary on Friday. 

Trudeau was in the city for the annual Stampede Parade, but took the opportunity to deliver a political message.

"I'm serious about forming a national government. I'm serious about having a government that takes to heart the issues of every corner of the country, including here in Calgary, however the results of the past have been," said Trudeau.

Harper-Trudeau Stampede

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau introduces his son Xavier to Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the Calgary Stampede Parade. (@JustinTrudeau/Twitter)

Judging from feedback from one resident, Trudeau is making inroads.

"Oh, he's awesome. I told him he was even better looking in person," said Connie Mackenzie.

Trudeau and the Liberal party appear to be gaining in popularity, based on a recent poll and byelection results.

Bruce Cameron, a Calgary-based political analyst, said some of the momentum Trudeau is seeing in eastern Canada is making its way west.

Trudeau Calgary Stampede

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau greets people along Stephen Avenue in downtown Calgary after the annual Stampede Parade. (CBC)

"It's very likely that the Liberals will win at least one seat in Alberta, and most likely Calgary, Calgary Centre," said Cameron. "Even in Tory country as Calgary is perceived, there's disenchantment with the Conservatives."

Visits from political leaders are part of the Stampede tradition. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in Calgary on Friday as was the leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May. NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair is due in Calgary next week.