A lowly sapling is causing a lot of headaches in one of Calgary's newest subdivisions.

June Hu's new house in Calgary's Quarry Park looks like many others on the street, but it has a feature she wasn’t expecting – a tree right in the middle of where the driveway is supposed to be.

"We were very, very excited because we get the new house, and it looks very beautiful...but," Hu said while pointing at the tree.

Remington Developments built the home.

Cody Clayton admits it planted the grass and sapling there on purpose.


The developer says crews were following the correct plans when they planted this tree right where the driveway was supposed to be. (cbc)

"It's built to how it's supposed to be built to," Clayton explained. "The conflict comes in that the homeowner has gone and built a garage in the backyard, and hasn't gone to the City of Calgary for permits to make a connection to the street."

Hu says she did get all the right permits and says the city told her to talk to the developer.

But when she did that, the developer told her to talk to the city.

"We are so disappointed, because it seems we are not welcome to be here," she said adding the ordeal has been going on for about one year.

The city says it has been looking into the issue.

Meanwhile, Hu has spent $20,000 on her garage which she still can’t use.