The Alberta Motor Association wants to help keep Calgary seniors mobile and has produced an information guide on transportation options for seniors who have given up driving.

"Transportation options [like public transit], volunteer driving, escorted transportation — options available to keep seniors mobile," said Caroline Gee with the AMA. 

"It also provides services that deliver to your home, such as Meals on Wheels, meal preparation — anything that comes to your home to provide services so that you can age in place."   

Gee says the booklet will also be helpful for family members of seniors making the transition from the driver seat to passenger seat.

Marion Narum, 85, hasn't given up her car completely, but she does limit where and when she drives.

"I've been in Calgary since 1984 and I have never been on a Calgary transit bus," she said.

But Narum believes the guide can help seniors make a difficult transition.

"I had an interesting conversation with my granddaughter and she said, 'Well Gram, if you can't drive just give your car up.' And I said, 'But honey, you gotta think that's not only giving up my car, that's giving up my freedom.'"

The guide will be available through AMA, the Kerby Centre and from the Calgary Seniors' Resource Society.