Calgary Transit peace officers who helped rescue a woman from the icy waters of the Bow River over the weekend just happened to be in the right place at the right time. 

D'Arcy Hare and Bob Hope were driving south over the Langevin Bridge Saturday when they spotted a man walking towards a woman who was in the water hanging onto the ice.

The officers parked their vehicle and radioed for help before descending the snow-covered bank and heading out onto the ice to help.

"Upon getting close to both of them, it was observed by us that the male had the female sort of three quarters the way out of the water onto the surface of the ice," said Hare. 

"However, he was struggling to get her the rest of the way. At that point, my partner and I decided that we needed to assist him."

The woman was dragged to safety more than 15 metres away where she was turned over to emergency crews that had just arrived.

"It is certainly not something you see every day," said Hope.

'She was very, very cold'

The woman, who was conscious during the rescue, was taken to Rockyview hospital for treatment.

"She was very, very cold," said Hope. "Her hair had begun to freeze completely. She had closed fists and wasn't really able to speak to us much at all."

There is no word on her condition.

The officers said they believe anyone in their situation would have reacted the same way.

"We didn't blindly run out there, we tested the ice, made sure there was no cracking," said Hope. 

But they said concerns about their own safety were not top of mind.

"You might be concerned afterwards, but at the time it just seemed like the right thing to do," said Hare.