Tourist has run in with bear near Canmore

A visitor from Denmark got a scare from a bear in Canmore this weekend.

Denmark visitor was bitten by bear near Quarry Lake

A visitor from Denmark got a scare from a bear near Canmore this weekend. 

The man was bird watching on the power line above Quarry Lake when a bear approached him Saturday night.

Kim Titchener works with Wild Smart, an organization that works to reduce conflicts between people and wildlife in the Bow Valley and Kananaskis Country. She says the man was surprised by the bear. 

"The bear did make contact with him," Titchener said.

"He has superficial injuries. He was bit in the arm and he has some bruising, a torn jacket. but did not require hospitalization so he's doing okay.”

Titchener says there is a cinnamon coloured bear with two cubs in the area and it might have been a defensive attack by the mom.

A bear trap has been set in the area.