Top 4 songs for your New Year's Eve playlist

If you're planning a New Year's Eve party, it can be hard to decide what to put on the stereo. The CBC's Chris dela Torre picked his top four songs from 2013 for your New Year's Eve party playlist.

What to put on the stereo while you say goodbye to 2013

If you're planning a New Year's Eve party, it can be hard to decide what to put on the stereo.

The CBC's Chris dela Torre picked his top four songs from 2013 for your New Year's Eve party playlist.

So Good At Being In Trouble

Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

For the beginning of the party (or some slow-dancing near the end), I'd play something from Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

This is a psychedelic rock trio from Portland that played an amazing set at Sled Island this year (the night before the floods put an end to the festival).

The great thing about this band is you're rarely ever conscious of the fact that it's a trio — an amazing feat for a band that doesn't beat you over the head with noise, either. 

No Better

Artist: Lorde

It was the year of the "new female popstar." Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce all released successful records, but Top 40 really belonged to artists like Lorde.

The 17-year-old newcomer from New Zealand made a name for herself doing the opposite of what nearly all of her peers were doing.

In her breakthrough hit Royals, she celebrated being middle class when others championed jewels, champagne and the overabundance of wealth.

Royals may have reached its saturation point by now, but No Better  the bonus track from the extended version of Lorde's album, Pure Heroine  also hits the spot.

Rock A Little

Warning: Video contains explicit lyrics

Artist: HighKicks

Well, 2013 was also a banner year for albums by Calgary artists. If you're NYE party is approaching "rager" status, I suggest a track from local rockers HighKicks. The band consists of singer Dan Vacon, of The Dudes, and drummer Matt Doherty, a local veteran who plays in a handful of bands.

They've become one of Calgary's most popular rock acts and a staple on local FM rock radio — all on the strength of their self-released album and their raucous live reputation.

They still don't even have a website or a Twitter account, but they do have the best local rock record of the year. 


Artist: HAIM

Going back to what I was saying about 2013 being the year of the female newcomer, I'd choose a track from the all-girl band, HAIM.

The band consists of three sisters from Los Angeles who grew up playing in their parents' 1970s-rock cover band, Rockinhaim.

As preteens, two of the girls had a development deal with Columbia as part of a manufactured teeny-bop band. But as HAIM, they're making very accessible, '80s-tinged pop music that's unpolished enough to get them on the good side of influential indie music blogs — a perfect storm of credibility and chart success.

And it doesn't hurt that they've come along at a time when it's almost novel to see an all-girl pop band that writes their own songs and plays their own instruments.

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