Honda Civics used to be the vehicle of choice for thieves in Calgary, but the cars have been replaced in a big way by Ford pickups.

Top 10 list

740 Ford trucks 

211 Honda Civics

191 Dodge trucks

168 Dodge/Plymouth vans

132 Chevrolet trucks

128 GMC trucks

71 Jeep Cherokees

52 Dodge/Plymouth Neons

36 Honda Accords

32 Toyota Corollas

Statistics just released by Calgary police show 740 Ford trucks were stolen in Calgary in 2013.

Honda Civics were second at 211.

It also appears the number of vehicle thefts is on the rise. Almost 300 more cars and trucks were stolen in 2013 than the previous year's total of 3,669 thefts. 

However, that number is down significantly from the 1990s when 8,000 vehicles a year were stolen.

Calgary police say they were able to recover 2,831 out of the 3,361 vehicles stolen.

On average, nine vehicles are stolen per day in the city.

Police say there were also 115 thefts over $5,000 and 8,174 thefts under $5,000 from vehicles.