Calls for expanding Highway 8 have been renewed after two young Calgarians died travelling on it earlier this week.

"It's a vicious strip," said local resident Cheryl Babott.

"I mean not just the kids, but everyone that has had an accident on there. Such young lives, it's tragic. They need to do something there."

The provincial government says design work on twinning Highway 8 west of Calgary should be completed by the end of the year, but it's not known when construction will start.

The road — from Highway 22 to 101st Street — falls under provincial jurisdiction.


Chase Kenneth Alan Hudye, 19, died in a car accident on Highway 8 Thursday night. (Facebook)

"It's not on the current three-year construction program, but I would mention the program is updated each year at budget time as available funding and overall priorities change," said Trent Bancarz of Alberta Transportation.

Bancarz  says the highway is actually safer than most.

"This particular highway does not have a high collision history, or a high rate of serious collisions."

Chase Kenneth Alan Hudye, a 19-year-old from Calgary, died in a crash Thursday night after the pickup truck he was driving crossed the centre line and hit a semi-trailer.

Dustin Peers, an 18-year-old Calgary student, also died in a similiar crash Tuesday night.

RCMP are investigating but say both drivers may have been texting moments before they were killed.

Highway 8 collisions: 2006-2010

Fatal: Three collisions (Four people killed and four people injured)

Injury: 37 collisions (53 overall injuries)

Property damage: 174 collisions

Collision type:

  • Left turn across path — 1.4 per cent
  • Passing on left turn — 0.9 per cent
  • Angle — 2.3 per cent
  • Opposite direction — 6.5 per cent (three fatals)
  • Same direction — 17.7 per cent
  • Run off road — 19.1 per cent
  • Animal — 48.5 per cent
  • Miscellaneous — 3.2 per cent

The collision rate for Highway 8 is 88.66 per hundred million vehicle kilometres. The provincial average for 2010 was 107 per hundred million vehicle kilometres.