Tiger cubs thriving, says Calgary Zoo

The Calgary zoo says its three new tiger cubs are healthy and slowly exploring their enclosure.

Zoo officials say the two males and one female are doing well

Calgary zoo officials say the three new tiger cubs are healthy and slowly exploring their enclosure.

The Amur tiger cubs, now eight-weeks old, received their first vaccinations Wednesday, making it the first time animal care staff have been in direct contact with the cubs.

The young tigers, one female and two males, were born on March 30 to Katja and weigh about 750 grams each.

People will be able to vote on a selection of names for the two male cubs via the zoo’s Facebook page. The female cub will be named by a zoo sponsor.

The tigers are classified as endangered, with only about 350 Amur tigers left worldwide.

Katja's last two attempts at motherhood were unsuccessful.

Overall 19 cubs have been born at the zoo with 15 of those surviving, not including this litter.

The Calgary Zoo currently has three adult tigers: Baikal, Katja and 16-year-old Kita.

Zoo officials say the cubs will be available for public viewing once they are less shy.