Hunting is becoming increasingly popular for women in Alberta, a promoter of the sport says.

"We've seen an increase year over year of the number of ladies that are becoming involved from both a youth aspect and from an adult aspect, so that's very encouraging to us," Kelley Semple, the executive director of the Hunting For Tomorrow Foundation, told CBC News.

The number of female hunters in the province has nearly doubled over the past eight years, and Semple says increased mentorship and training aimed directly at women has helped make that so.

The fact that manufacturers and retailers have come up with gear that's comfortable and attractive to women hasn't hurt, Semple added.

"I think there's been some advancements from a retail perspective in terms of better clothing and better equipment that's more geared towards and designed for ladies, so it's easier to shoot, it fits better and is more comfortable wear, and that certainly has increased the enjoyment factor as well."