A Calgary man is looking for some answers and compensation after one of his most cherished items was stolen from the municipal impound lot.

It all started when Dave Menton's 1985 Toyota 4Runner was stolen a few months ago.

"And then I got a call from Calgary police that they might have found my truck," Menton explained.

Investigators did in fact find the Calgarians truck but getting it back proved to be difficult.

The vehicle identification number and the truck's appearance had been altered. So when Menton went to retrieve his truck, the impound lot attendant told him somebody else had already picked it up.

Menton says the original thief used fraudulent documents which matched the altered VIN number to steal Menton’s truck a second time.

Miles Dyck, with the Calgary Parking Authority, says he understands the frustration.

"We certainly apologize for any undue hardship and stress that this would have caused the rightful owner of the vehicle," Dyck said.

Menton says he appreciates their sentiments but he'd rather the parking authority pay for all the damage done to the truck during the second heist.