For the second time in two days, Calgary Muslims gathered at City Hall in a show of unity against terrorism and violence by the Islamist group, ISIS.

​On Saturday, about 200 people protested with signs opposing the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Sunday's rally was organized by local Iraqi community groups rather than the Hussaini Association of Calgary, which was behind Saturday's rally. For many, it marked an opportunity to draw attention to a growing risk.

"One day the terrorists will come to Calgary," said organizer Fatima Albarli. "We need to stand together now."

Over the past several months, CBC News has uncovered exclusive details about young Calgary men moving overseas to fight as jihadists for ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

News of that came as a shock for many in the community but others said they are aware of radicals preaching in the city and are determined to combat their ideologies.

"They are brainwashing our youth and taking their steps toward terrorism, which is against Islam itself," said Riyaz Khawaja, president of the Hussaini Association of Calgary. "[The government] should be vigilant about what's happening inside of Canada."

Calgary police say they are also watching radicalization in the city but won't say what's being done to tackle religious extremism.