Ten X Nightclub, the scene of a dramatic shooting in Calgary on Sunday morning, has a troubled history as outlined in an Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission hearing into its license in 2013. 

The club was sold in 2015. But during the 2013 hearing, issues at the club were highlighted, including a fire apparently related to the production of drugs, ongoing gang activity and two shootings in and around the bar. 

Calgary police were reportedly called to the premises 90 times over the span of a year and a half. Police identified social disorder, public intoxication, "officer safety in responding to calls at the establishment," as well as concerns over promoters and the owner of the establishment at the time. 

Gang activity

TenX Shooting CCTV

A screenshot from CCTV footage shows a man carrying a gun walking towards the entrance of Ten X nightclub in Calgary on Jan. 11, 2016. (YouTube/Screenshot)

Additionally, the gang unit "identified a large number of groups that go there that have associations with gang activity or organized crime."

At the time, police said Ten X was one of the few bars in the city that required more than two officers to attend a call on its premises. 

Calgary police offered no comment when contacted on Monday, saying the report was two years old. 

Brief suspension

The hearing resulted in a small fine and a brief suspension of the club's license. In order to reopen, the club had to meet certain conditions, including approved surveillance, staff criminal record checks and increased security requirements. 

The majority owner at the time, who is no longer involved with the club, agreed to the conditions and promised to sweep out most of the staff in order to clean up the establishment.

The hearing report warns: "The information contained on this website has been taken from AGLC files. Although every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, we strongly suggest that any party intending to rely on this information should verify its accuracy."