A landmark pharmacy, marked by a distinctive rocket, is closing its doors.

Telstar Drugs on Kensington Road is selling its 42-year-old family-owned business to Shoppers Drug Mart, which moved in across the street three years ago.

Telstar owner Byron Bergh says he is retiring, and that his small store was able to put up a fight against the chain residents fought to keep out of the neighbourhood.

"We're in probably a stronger position as we've ever been in," Bergh said. "It's been, I believe, from what I hear, a slower start for them.

"[But] things don't go on forever."

Daniela Lindner, with the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association, says the neighbourhood appreciated the more personal relationship it had with Telstar.

"My heart goes out to Byron, because I think he did such a good job at still maintaining this business, in the face of having another big-box business moving into the neighbourhood," she said. "I'm so glad that he lasted for these many years.

"I wish he could've done it for a little long, but I understand that he also feels he needs to move on."

Some Telstar employees have accepted jobs at Shoppers. It isn't clear what will happen to the distinctive Telstar building.