Teens face 52 charges after car vandalism spree

Two teenagers in Calgary are facing 52 charges of property damage in connection with a vandalism spree in the city's southeast last week.

Vehicles had windshields, side mirrors smashed

Two 16-year-old males are facing 52 charges in connection to a vandalism spree in the communities of Cranston and McKenzie Lake.

Police were called to Cranston Friday by a resident who heard a loud bang and observed a young man hanging out of the passenger window of an SUV with an object in his hand that looked like a baton. The youth hit the rear window of the car and then sped off.

Patrolling officers found numerous vehicles with damaged windows and side mirrors in both Cranston and McKenzie Lake and were able to determine they were related.

The teens each face 25 counts of property damage under $5,000 and one count each of possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. 

They will be in court next month.