Teen dies after truck hits crowd at Alta. bar

A 24-year-old Calgary-area man is in police custody after a fatal hit and run in the parking lot of an Olds, Alta. bar early Friday morning.

Another man injured

A 24-year-old Calgary-area man is in police custody after a fatal hit and run in the parking lot of an Olds, Alta., bar early Friday morning.

An 18-year-old man, a second-year student of agricultural management at Olds College, was killed when a truck plowed through a small group of people gathered outside the doors of the Texas Mickey Bar.

Family members have identified the victim as Nicholas Baier, from Altario, Alta.

A 19-year-old also received minor injuries and was treated and released from hospital.

Bar manager David Dux told CBC News that his staff had to eject a man from a Halloween party at the bar shortly after midnight for scuffling with staff and patrons.

Dux said the man got into a truck, idled it for close to a minute, revved it up and then drove through a small group of patrons near the front doors of the bar, exiting the parking lot.

"It didn't seem like he planned on stopping," said Texas Mickey Bar bouncer Peter Giles. "Disturbing, how someone could do that to a group of people."

Giles said he felt like he didn't do his job, since he's paid to make sure patrons get home safe.

"This is the worst thing I've ever seen in a bar. This is the worst accident I've ever seen or been around in my years of doing this," said Giles.

Olds RCMP Staff Sgt. Kevin Morton said he believed it was an intentional act on the part of the driver.

A Mountie happened to be nearby at the time and took off after the truck, Morton said. A traffic stop was attempted, but the driver kept going.

Fearing that a pursuit would be dangerous, the officer stopped, said Morton. A few blocks away, the Ford F250 truck believed to have been used in the hit and run was found rolled onto its side.

A man was climbing out of the vehicle when police arrived, Morton said. He was taken into custody and is still being held by police.

Morton said alcohol is believed to have been a factor in the incident. He said charges are pending.

Red Deer RCMP are assisting in the investigation.

Olds is located about 80 kilometres north of Calgary.