A reckless driver led police cars and the HAWCS helicopter on a high-speed chase through the city streets Tuesday morning

After more than an hour, police finally surrounded the teenaged driver in an alley in south Calgary.

The truck had been stolen. Three police vehicles were damaged during the arrest.

It all started around 8:30 a.m. MT with calls to police about a dangerous driver on Deerfoot Trail.

Several people reported seeing the truck speeding through red lights, swerving around other vehicles and driving across the median into oncoming traffic.

Duty Insp. Rick Tuza said the driver had very little control and was extremely dangerous.

"We're talking 10 in the morning on a Tuesday, traffic was heavy, again, we're so fortunate that nobody was injured or killed."

Police are now trying to track down witnesses. Anyone who saw the truck moving dangerously, especially those whose vehicles were hit or anyone who comes home to find unexplained property damage, is being asked to call police.