Teachers not signing up to mark exams after pay cut in half

Fewer teachers are signing up to mark diploma exams next month after the province cut the daily honorarium from $200 to $100.

Pay for Alberta teachers who mark diploma exams on weekdays went from $200 to $100

The province cut the honorarium in half for teachers marking exams on a weekday. It went from $200 to $100. 1:47

Fewer teachers are signing up to mark diploma exams next month after the province cut the daily honorarium from $200 to $100. 

As a result, some Grade 12 students may have to wait longer for their exam results. So far the province has only lined up about 70 per cent of the teachers it needs to mark the tests.

Frank Bruseker, president of Alberta Teachers' Association Local 38, says it is not enough for teachers who have to travel to Edmonton where all the grading is done.

Expenses are covered but he says the time away from home isn't worth $12 an hour.

Frank Bruseker, the union representative for Calgary public teachers, says the drop in pay means teachers have little incentive to mark the exams. (CBC)

“I still have all my work to do here. I'm asked to leave my family, leave my school [and] drive three hours down the road to get to Edmonton to mark exams for students I don't know for $100.”

Neil Fenske, with Alberta Education, says the province has increased the amount it pays to cover expenses. But he says money is not the only issue.

“There's been a change in the makeup of the teachers and that's not the situation we would have had say five, six, seven, eight years ago. So many people with young families don't want to be up in Edmonton for five days.”

Fenske says the province is working on finding ways to sign up the 660 markers it needs by June 23.


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