Calgary MLA Dave Taylor said on Monday he will sit in the legislature as a member of the Alberta Party. ((CBC) )

Independent Calgary MLA Dave Taylor will sit in the legislature as a member of the fledgling Alberta Party, the former Liberal announced Monday.

Taylor has been sitting as an independent since he left the Liberals last April, calling the leadership of David Swann ineffective.

The former radIo talk show host was first elected as MLA for Calgary-Currie in 2004. He was re-elected in 2008. That year, Taylor ran for the leadership of the Liberals, losing to Swann.

Despite pledging last spring to run in a byelection if he chose to join a new party, Taylor said Monday there is no plan to hold a vote.

"We're close enough to the next election," he said. "To call a byelection now would be frankly fiscally irresponsible."

The Alberta Party bills itself as a centrist alternative to the governing Progressive Conservatives.

"This is a party focused on what could be. That's the team I want to work with," Taylor said.

Taylor will be the only member of the Alberta Party to sit in the legislature.