The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is urging all levels of governments to drop taxes on gasoline.

The organization estimates Alberta drivers are still paying an average of fifteen dollars each time they fill up.

"They tax it not once, but they tax it twice. And the second set of taxes actually taxes the first set of taxes," said Derek Fildebrandt, the Alberta director of the group.

Driver Alan King says the sudden jump in price just before the long May weekend is upsetting.

King works for a driving school and estimates he puts $70 of gas in his tank each week.

"We make the gas and it comes from Alberta. We should get it a little cheaper than what the Americans are getting, because they're getting it from us."

Derek Fildebrandt wants governments to be more transparent about the taxes they collect from consumers.

"It's a user fee. I think it's a legitimate tax, but it's a legitimate tax only if that money is actually used towards the building and repairing of roads."  

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says Alberta drivers are still paying the lowest fuel taxes in the country.