A leaky roof on a popular Calgary sportscentre won't be replaced until 2010, when the centre will close eight months for the $23 million job.

Every year, 1.5 million people use the Talisman Centre, just south of downtown Calgary. It opened in 1983 for the Western Canada Summer Games,and the roof is well past its expected 20-year life.

A council committee agreed Wednesday to put money toward annual maintenance as preparations are made to replace the leaky roof membrane in 2010.

Robin Mitchell, president of the Lindsay Park Sports Society, which manages the facility, said patrons shouldn't worry about the roof failing to hold up in the meantime.

"We're doing repairs on a regular basis all the time. They're pinprick holes at best. We've had engineers go through, they've done weight-bearing tests and such. We're good to go, just like we were the day when we opened up in the facility back in 1983."