Talisman Centre flood repair costs continue to rise

The cost of fixing flood damage at the Talisman Centre is going up.

Additional $3 million sought on top of $12 million already approved

The cost to fix flood damage at the Talisman Centre is going up.

Calgary city council had already approved $12 million for repairs for the recreation facility on MacLeod Trail South.

On Tuesday, the city's Priorities and Finance Committee unanimously voted in favour of an additional $3 million to cover the rising costs of repairs. The item will go before city council Monday as an item of urgent business. 

More than a metre of water flooded the centre's basements during the 2013 flood.

"When we were in the middle of flood recovery and coming up with estimates, they were quick estimates and so they were very general," said Ward 7 Coun. Druh Farrell. "We were warned that likely the costs would go up so this is expected and I don't imagine this will be the last project that will need some extra funding because of the flood."

The change in the scope of work at the Talisman Centre includes replacing the chilled water system, overhead ducts, lower level restoration and additional engineering costs.

The full cost of the flood damage will be reimbursed through insurance coverage but the City has to put up the money on its own first.