For fans of corn on the cob, this weekend marked the start of the most wonderful time of the year.

Taber corn stands have been popping up on Calgary roadsides, with vendors promising the sweet, juicy taste the region is famous for. But not all are entirely honest about where their corn comes from, and legitimate growers say buyers need to make sure they're getting their money's worth.

"Taber corn growers, we have certificates that are made up, and [show] which farm it comes from," said Dave Jensen, a Taber corn grower and president of the Alberta Corn Growers' Association. "It's protection not only for us, but also for customers so they're not defrauded in any way and they can ask for that certificate ... that's one way to make sure it's Taber corn."

Taber corn is famous for its sweet, distinct flavour, which is a product of the area's hot, sunny days and cool nights.

The annual harvest is eagerly anticipated by Albertans, especially after last year's harvest was damaged by heavy hail.

But this year, Jensen says the harvest is back on track and just as tasty as ever.

He says people can tell right away if what they have is Taber corn by just taking a nibble.

"Peel it back, taste it raw," he advises. "If it's good raw, it's better cooked. That's how you really tell."